Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gov't Mule

Artist:  Gov't Mule

Origin:  USA
Genre:  Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock

Original line-up:

Warren Haynes;  Guitar, Vocals
Allen Woody:  Bass, Mandolin, Vocals
Matt Abts:  Drums, Percussion

Gov't Mule is an American Southern Rock Jam Band, formed in 1994 as a side project of The Allman Brothers Band by Warren Haynes  (Guitar) and Allen Woody (Bass), in the same way that The Grateful Dead were often referred to as "The Dead" and Gov't Mule are often referred to as The Mule.  Highly Recommended!

Title:  Revolution Come...Revolution Go (Deluxe Edition 2 CD) (2017)
Genre:  Southern Rock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Label:   Fantasy Records
Rating:   *****


Disc 1: 

 1.  Stone Cold Rage  (6:01)
 2.  Drawn That Way  (5:18)
 3.  Pressure Under Fire  (5:24)
 4.  The Man I Want To Be  (6:22)
 5.  Travelling Tune  (5:17)
 6.  Thorns Of Life  (8:48)
 7.  Dreams & Songs  (6:38)
 8.  Sarah, Surrender  (4:12)
 9.  Revolution Come, Revolution Go  (8:03)
10. Burning Point  (6:52)
11. Easy Times  (6:58)
12. Dark Was The Night, Was The Ground  (7:26)

Disc 2:  Bonus CD:

 1.  What Fresh Hell  (5:47)
 2.  Click-Track  (4:14)
 3.  Outside Myself  (6:08)
 4.  Revolution Come, Revolution Go (Alternate Version)  (8:04)
 5.  The Man I Want To Be (Live In Studio Version)  (5:34)
 6.  Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground (Live In Studio Version)  (6:52)


Warren Haynes:  Vocals, Guitar
Jorgen Carlsson:  Bass
Danny Louis:  Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Horns, Backing Vocals
Matt Abts:  Drums, Percussion

Additional Musicians:

Gordie Johnson:  Steel Guitar on Track 5 Disc 1
Rey Arteaga:  Percussion
Sheree Smith:  Backing Vocals
Angela Miller:  Backing Vocals
Lauren Cervantez:  Backing Vocals
Alecia Chakour:  Backing Vocals
Jasmine Muhammad:  Backing Vocals
Bobby Allende:  Congas
Jimmie Vaughan:  Guitar on Track 10 Disc 1

Revolution Come...Revolution Go is a studio album by Gov't Mule, was released on June 9, 2017 by Fantasy Records.  Deluxe Edition in 2 CD, includes 6 Bonus Tracks.


Artist:  Nickelback
Origin:  Hanna, Alberta, Canada
Genre:  Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Heavy Metal

Original line-up:

Chad Kroeger:   Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ryan Peake: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Mike Kroeger:  Bass, Backing Vocals
Brandon Kroeger:  Drums

Nickelback is a Canadian Grunge Band from Hanna, Alberta formed in 1995 by Chad Kroeger (Lead Vocal, Guitar), Ryan Peake (Rhythm Guitar), Mike Kroeger (Bass) and Brandon Kroeger (Drums).  Nickelback is one of the most commercially successful Canadian Groups, having sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.

Title:  Feed The Machine  (2017)
Genre:  Grunge, Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Post-Grunge, Heavy Metal
Label:  BMG
Rating:   *****


 1.  Feed The Machine  (5:02)
 2.  Coin For The Ferryman  (4:50)
 3.  Song On Fire  (3:51)
 4.  Must Be Nice4  (3:43)
 5.  After The Rain  (3:35)
 6.  For The River  (3:29)
 7.  Home  (3:52)
 8.  The Betrayal (Act III)  (4:21)
 9.  Silent Majority  (3:52)
10. Every Time We're Together  (3:53)
11. The Betrayal (Act I)  (2:42)


Chad Kroeger:  Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ryan Peake:  Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Mike Kroeger:  Bass
Daniel Adair:  Drums, Backing Vocals

Additional Musician:

Nuno Bettencourt:  Guitar Solo on Track 6

Feed The Machine is the ninth studio album by Nickelback, was released on June 16, 2017 by BMG.  Good Work and Great Album!.

DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield

Artist:  DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield
Origin:  USA
Genre:  Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Straight-Ahead Jazz

Original line-up:

Jack Dejohnette:  Drums
Larry Grenadier:  Bass
John Medeski:  Keyboards
John Scofield:  Guitar

DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield is an American Jazz Supergroup, team up to celebrate their musical histories and Jack's 75th Birthday Year and to tribute to their shared love of 1960s Rock, such as Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jimi Hendrix, and The Band.  

Title:  Hudson  (2017)
Genre:  Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Straight-Ahead Jazz
Label:  Motema Music
Rating:  *****


 1.  Hudson  (10:57)
 2.  El Swing  (5:31)
 3.  Lay Lady Lay  (8:17)
 4.  Woodstock  (6:01)
 5.  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  (9:15)
 6.  Wait Until Tomorrow  (5:29)
 7.  Song For World Forgiveness  (8:36)
 8.  Dirty Ground  (3:58)
 9.  Tony Then Jack  (5:04)
10. Up On Cripple Creek  (5:37)
11. Great Spirit Peace Chant  (3:16)


Jack DeJohnette:  Drums, Tom-Tom, Wooden Flute, Vocals
Larry Grenadier:  Acoustic Bass,Vocal
John Medeski:  Piano, Rhodes, Hammond B-3 Organ, Wooden Flute, Vocals
John Scofield:  Guitar, Wooden Flute

DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield is a special project album by DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski & Scofield, was released on June 9, 2017 by Motema Music.  The quartet takes its name from New York's Hudson Valley.

Lady Antebellum

Artist:  Lady Antebellum
Origin:  Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Genre:  Country, Country Pop

Original line-up:

Hillary Scott:  Lead Vocals
Charles Kelley:  Lead Vocals
Dave Haywood:  Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Background Vocals

Lady Antebellum is an American Trio Country Pop Music Group, formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006 by Hillary Scott (Lead Vocals), Charles Kelley (Lead Vocals) and Dave Haywood (Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Background Vocals).  The band was awards Top New Duo or Group by the Academy Of Country Music and New Artist Of The Year by The Country Music Association in 2008, and was also awards The Best Country Album at The 54th Grammy Awards.

Title:  Heart Break  (2017)
Genre:  Country, Country Pop
Label:  Capitol Nashville
Rating:   *****


 1.  Heart Break  (3:08)
 2.  You Look Good  (3:02)
 3.  Somebody Else's Heart  (3:32)
 4.  This City  (3:05)
 5.  Hurt  (3:47)
 6.  Army  (3:17)
 7.  Good Time To Be Alive  (3:12)
 8.  Think About You  (3:09)
 9.  Big Love In A Small Town  (3:46)
10. The Stars  (3:24)
11. Teenage Heart  (3:40)
12. Home  (2:58)
13. Famous  (3:53)


Hillary Scott:  Lead Vocals, Background Vocals
Charles Kelley:  Lead Vocals, Background Vocals

Dave Haywood:  Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjo, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Background Vocals

Additional Musicians:

Busbee:  Bass, Hammond B-2 Organ, Mellotron, Piano, Programming, Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Paul Bushnell:  Bass
Matt Chamberlain:  Cymbals, Drums, Percussion
Paul Franklin:  Pedal Steel Guitar
Jesse Frasure:  Synthesizer
Jon Green:  Keyboards, Percussion, Background Vocals
Sean Hurley:  Bass, Background Vocals
Russ Pahl:  Pedal Steel Guitar
Garrett Parales:  Electric Guitar
Jordan Reynolds:  Piano
Justin Schipper:  Dobro
Aaron Sterling:  Drums, Percussion, Tom-Toms, Background Vocals
Mark Trussell:  Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synthesizer
Nick Vayenas:  Trombone, Trumpet
Josefina Vergara:  Violin
Will Weatherly:  Synthesizer, Background Vocals
Derek Wells:  Banjo, Dobro, Electric Mandolin, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Background Vocals
Ben West:  Synthesizer
Eric Barvinder:  Viola
Charlie Bisharat:  Violin
Songa Lee:  Violin
Michelle Richards:  Violin
Jacob Braun:  Cello
Emily Weisband:  Background Vocals
Sara Haze:  Background Vocals
David Campbell:  String Arrangements

Heart Break  is the seventh studio album by LadyAntebellum, was released on June 9, 2017  by Capitol Nashville,. featuring smash hit "You Look Good", was released in January 2017 as the lead single and become Top 10 single on the Hot Country Songs Chart.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Jason Isbell

Artist:  Jason Isbell
Origin:  Greenhill, Alabama, USA.
Genre:  Rock, Country, Country Rock, Alternative Country
Occupations:  Singer, Songwriter
Instruments:  Guitar, Keyboards

Jason Isbell is an American Singer, Songwriter from Greenhill, Alabama.  He joined The Southern Rock Band Drive-By Truckers.  In 2007, he started his Solo career and released the first solo album "Sirens Of The Ditch".

Artist:  Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit
Title:  The Nashville Sound  (2017)
Genre:  Rock, Country, Country Rock, Alternative Country, Southern Rock, Roots Rock, Americana
Label:  Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers
Rating:   *****


 1.  Last Of My Kind  (4:22)
 2.  Cumberland Gap  (3:24)
 3.  Tupelo  (4:01)
 4.  White Man's World  (3:47)
 5.  If We Were Vampires  (3:36)
 6.  Anxiety  (6:58)
 7.  Molotov  (3:47)
 8.  Chaos And Clothes  (3:35)
 9.  Hope The High Road  (3:03)
10. Something To Love  (3:39)


Jason Isbell:  Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar
Derry Deborja:  Keyboard
Jimbo Hart:  Bass
Sadler Vaden:  Electric Guitar
Amanda Shires:  Harmony Vocals, Fiddle
Chad Gamble:  Drums

The Nashville Sound is the sixth studio album by Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit, was released on June 16, 2017 by Southeastern Records/Thirty Tigers, was recorded at Nashville's legendary RCA Studio A and produced by Grammy Award-Winner Dave Cobb.